mardi 4 avril 2017

How to display details from database to the single user in mvc

I am trying to get the details from database to display in the View. Here I need to display the records for particular user who logged currently. But unfortunately all the data which ever in DB table coming into the view. But I dont want to display all the data.

In DB I have two tables for tblEmployee and TaskDetails This is My Model, public class TaskDetails { public string ProjectID { get; set; } public string ProjectName { get; set; } public DateTime StartDate { get; set; } public DateTime EstimatedDate { get; set; } public string TaskDescription { get; set; } }

    This is My controller,
To fetch the data here I am using ADO.Net,
            public ActionResult TaskDetails(string td)
                string connectionstring = "data source = NLTI37; initial catalog = Data; integrated security = True; MultipleActiveResultSets = True; App = EntityFramework";
                string sql = "select * from TaskDetail";
                SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection(connectionstring);
                SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(sql, conn);
                var Details = new List<TaskDetails>();
                    SqlDataReader rdr = cmd.ExecuteReader();
                    while (rdr.Read())
                        var ProjectDetail = new TaskDetails();
                        ProjectDetail.ProjectID = rdr["ProjectID"].ToString();
                        ProjectDetail.ProjectName = rdr["ProjectName"].ToString();
                        ProjectDetail.StartDate = DateTime.Parse(rdr["StartDate"].ToString());
                        ProjectDetail.EstimatedDate = DateTime.Parse(rdr["EstimatedDate"].ToString());
                        ProjectDetail.TaskDescription = rdr["TaskDescription"].ToString();
                return View(Details);
    Here I am using ADO.Net to fetching the details. And these details I need to display on the View for user who currently logged in.

    This is my View,
                    @foreach (var ProjectDetail in Model)

Here I need to display the records of the user who loggedin currently. But unfortunately all the user details I am getting here. As per my understanding SQL statement is wrong. Correct Me if wrong. How to get the details for that particular user details.  Can any one help on this.

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