mardi 4 avril 2017

How to create an AngularCli application that contains another AngularCli inside?

I have an application in development that is in Angular2 using AngularCli, and I want to use it as a "Layout" (like a MasterPage) to another project. Like a big "SPA System".

For example, in the menu we will have the following:

  • Framework
    • Page A
  • Xpto
    • Page B

The Framework is running in http://localhost:90 and XPTO is running in http://localhost:91. Both of them is running on AngularCli.

I want to create a structure that when I click on Page A or Page B, the browser doesn't reload and it will give an "app" style to the user, loading the page as a SPA ACROSS the sites.

The main reason is to reuse the Javascripts, CSS and many other files from de "Framework" project to other 20 projects. I don't want to replicate all the components, files and etc across those projects.

Today we use MVC3 and the RazorGenerator to create .cshtml as a DLL to reuse the .cshtml from Framework to other modules.

But we want go AngularCli. Is there any way to do that ? If it isn't, is there some way to create a template in AngularCli that can be reused the components and the other files ?

Thank you !

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