dimanche 26 février 2017

Google Analytics - Universal Analytics tracking two environments

I am using Google's Universal Analytics in MVC application for Page visits tracking purpose. I have three environments(i.e, Dev , Test & UAT) to test my code and as a primary user I have access to all three environments.

After initial test the code has been moved to Test environment from Dev environment. And again the code has been moved to UAT environment. Now the code resides in all three environments.

In my google analytics website, I have given UAT environment URL(domain name) alone for tracking purpose but now the problem is, when I login into Test and UAT environments it tracks both. When I navigate to different page in Test environment it tracks my navigation page.

As I mentioned above, I have given UAT domain name in GA website. And I want to track UAT alone and not other environments.

Do I need to configure any settings in Google Anlytics website?

Any suggestion please. Thanks in advance.

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