lundi 23 mai 2016

What this query string values means UNION SELECT cAsT(0x2d78312d512d as char)

I am getting the query string value in my Log table like

PLayVideo.aspx?webinarid=9111111 UNION SELECT cAsT(0x2d78312d512d as char),//cAsT(0x2d78322d512d as char),//cAsT(0x2d78332d512d as char),//cAsT(0x2d78342d512d as char),//cAsT(0x2d78352d512d as char),//cAsT(0x2d78362d512d as char),//cAsT(0x2d78372d512d as char),//cAsT(0x2d78382d512d as char),//cAsT(0x2d78392d512d as char),//cAsT(0x2d7831302d512d as char),//cAsT(0x2d7831312d512d as char),//cAsT(0x2d7831322d512d as char),//cAsT(0x2d7831332d512d as char),//cAsT(0x2d7831342d512d as char),//cAsT(0x2d7831352d512d as char)

Anyone have the idea about it ?

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