lundi 23 mai 2016

Moving a file in microsoft webmatrix

As a project I'm working in microsoft webmatrix. The problem I had was my files were saving to My WebSites directory and not compiling so I changed the virtual path in IISExpress application.hostconfig to www.root. I was then able to compile lab15_1.cshtml and run it in the browser. I can see it in the solution explorer in visual studio 2010. Then I created lab15_2.cshtml but it won't run in the browser because it is in My Website directory. I don't know how I messed up, but I need to know how to move files to the solution explorer. I want to move lab15_2.cshtml to www.root but I don't know how. I'm thinking I should be able move it to the solution explorer to the website where lab15_1.cshtml is located. Does anybody know how I can do that? Much appreciation. Thank you in advance.

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