mardi 17 mai 2016

Code generated by RazorGenerator not executed, script code still is

So I installed RazorGenerator with nuGet and added the VS extension (thanks to Visual Studio cannot find custom tool RazorGenerator).

Just to try it out on my existing mvc app, I changed the custom tool to RazorGenerator on one of the views, and generated the code with the right-click option "Run Custom Tool". The code was indeed created.

I then build the entire app and tried running it, setting a break point in both the old razor script and the new pre-compiled code. Much to my surprise, it was still running the old script code, not the new. Am I missing a step somewhere to switch over execution to the new code. The documentation is a little skimpy, but you would think something crucial like this would have been mentioned if needed. I know it calls the bootstrap code in App_Start using WebActivatorEx.PostApplicationStartMethod(), or at least it did so once, doesn't seem to do it on every debug start though, not even after an iisreset. If I try to delete the source razor view the ajax call fails when returning result, so it is obviously not using the precompiled code. Am I missing a step somewhere?

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