mardi 26 avril 2016

working with validations on dropdownlist in kendolistview

I am having a editTemplate for kendolistview which is working fine. I have a dropdown in that template as below

                    <strong>Country :</strong>
                    <input name="CountryId" class="InputRequired" id="CountryId" data-source="countryDataSource" data-role="dropdownlist" data-text-field="Name" data-value-field="CountryId" data-filter="contains" required="required" validationmessage="Country is required." />
                    <span data-for="CountryId" class="k-invalid-msg"></span>

Even after writing required="required", validation does not firing as it is mentioned in below url that input validation works .

Please help asap

here is my datasource

  var countryData = [];

 var countryDataSource = new{
        data: countryData

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