mardi 15 décembre 2015

MVC Data Form Entry with DataGrid (CRUD)

I am tasked to change our Silverlight(SL) application to MCV since the development lifecycle of SL has already been stopped. I am new to MVC but I can find a good tutorial how to do a simple CRUD with MVC. Basically, the requirements are

1.) in the UI, there should be two pane, left and right.

2.) In left pane, a grid/data grid view of list of "Student" entity and on the

3.) right side is a data form which displays the Student's details.

4.) The details in right pane, the data form, will change as you select an item in left pane, the data grid.

5.) The data form should be able to do the CRUD functionality.

I am very desperate to find a tutorial but I can't find one that fits my needs. I will be very thankful to those who can help me with this by giving some links or video tutorial. Hope to read comments that could help.

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