samedi 21 novembre 2015

Unable to Update User status after logged out in using single R

I have used above links code and modify this code and add some line in above linked project as below lines.

In chat.aspx....

  chat.client.onUserDisconnected = function (id, userName) { $.connection.hub.start(); }

In Chat.cs...

public override Task OnDisconnected()
            var newUsers = OnlineUser.userObj.FirstOrDefault(item => 
                item.connectionId  == Context.ConnectionId);
            if (newUsers != null)
                var id = newUsers.connectionId;
                OnlineUser.RemoveOnlineUser(id, newUsers.userName,        newUsers.userId);

            //return Clients.All.joined(Context.ConnectionId, newUsers);
            return Clients.Caller.OnlineStatus(Context.ConnectionId, newUsers); 

After added abobe line in project then user status update but it is not update on any user page who are online. Please help me to resolve this issues.

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