jeudi 19 novembre 2015

TypeError: validator is undefined in jquery.validate.js

I have following form.

enter image description here

once I click that Go to Next Section Button I can direct to next section in this form.

Here the whole code for this view and this the Layout file for that view page

But now Once I click I'm not getting any response and I cannot goto next page I'm getting following error.But this error occur in Firefox only , once I change debugging to Chrome this is working.

TypeError: validator is undefined file_path/jquery.validate.js

this is that error view

Error view 1

enter image description here

Error view 2

enter image description here

Bugzilla debugger pointed out following section ([if (validator.settings.rules)]) of jquery.validate.js file has the error

staticRules: function( element ) {
    var rules = {};
    var validator = $.data(element.form, "validator");
    if ( validator.settings.rules ) {
        rules = $.validator.normalizeRule(validator.settings.rules[]) || {};
    return rules;

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