mardi 3 novembre 2015

How to direct to POST action in ActionAsPDF?

I am creating an MVC 5 application. I am using Rotativa to generate PDFs

they have a method called

public ActionAsPdf(string action, object routeValues);

I am having trouble to direct to POST method of an action

this is that GET and POST actions

    public ActionResult Create_Brochure(IEnumerable<ProductsPropertiesVM> model)

        return View(selectedIDs);

    public ActionResult Create_Brochure(string m)

        return View();

Once I run this program its directing to GET method but I want to direct to POST action

using following method

    public ActionResult PrintIndex()
        return new ActionAsPdf("Create_Brochure") { FileName = "Test.pdf" };

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