mercredi 25 novembre 2015

C# MVC RouteBase routing too many redirects

I have this custom routing system where i will get the paths, controllers, views and areas from my DB and set them according to the requested path.

My problem right now is that when i try to access one page it gives me the too many redirects response.

What happens in this area is:

  • User access page and fill a form;
  • Form is posted using AJAX and then a redirect is made from jquery;
  • User makes an appointment or generate a voucher;

If the user tries to return to the previous page by typing it on the browser( i don't have any button to that link ) he gets the too many redirects problem.

Since the code is kind of big i'm going to post it here:

I only left out my DB logic.

What could be doing this ? I only could see the problem in this area but i don't know for sure it isn't happening in other areas.

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