mardi 25 août 2015

Method not found System.Web.WebPages.Html.HtmlHelper.ObjectToDictionary(System.Object)

I'm working with MVC for the first time in my life. I'm trying to build a grid, but I get this error when i'm trying:

enter code hereMethod not found: 'System.Collections.Generic.IDictionary`2<System.String,System.Object> System.Web.WebPages.Html.HtmlHelper.ObjectToDictionary(System.Object)'.

This is my line ih html code that triggers the error:

enter code here <div id="grid">
        @grid.GetHtml(tableStyle: "web-grid", columns: columns, footerStyle: "pagerajax")

I already tried to modify the references System.Web.WebPages, but it did not work. I'm using MVC3 in this project.

PS: Sorry for my bad english, guys.

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