lundi 29 juin 2015

This page can’t be displayed - Asp.Net MVC3 on IIS 8.5 Windows Server 2012

I have an MVC 3 application and WCF service to be deployed in IIS 8.5 installed on Windows Server. I have checked all the prerequisites installed for IIS 8.5. After the deployment when I try to access the .svc files, I get "This page can't be displayed". The have verified the below conditions.


1.) The app pool is set to "Integrated" mode and targetted to V4.0.

2.) Identity is set to "ApplicationPoolIdentity" and enabled 32 bit applications.


1.) Provided a different port"88" and ip address is configured.


1.) Full access has been provided for the below mentioned users.

a.) IUSR


c.) DefaultAppPool(This is the app pool that has been assigned).

I am struck with this, Please let me know for anything that needs to be included.

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