jeudi 4 juin 2015

Get MVC working with both and and and

I need to have a solution for the security patch which changes MVC from to and to I would prefer a solution which lets use use both x.0.0.0 and x.0.0.1 interchangeably.

Here are the build locations:

  • Dev PC's without the security patch with only x.0.0.0 installed
  • Dev PC's with the security patch with only x.0.0.1 installed
  • Shared build server which cannot be patched since it will break other departments' builds.
  • New build server with the patch with only x.0.0.1 installed

I can't do a simple bindingRedirect beause if I rewrite as x.0.0.1, that will break the build our older build server which we share with other people.

I can't simply update the references to x.0.0.1 because that will break the builds on our older shared build server.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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